1. Sat. 16th & Sun. 17th  Feb. ~ Pastels for All  (2 days - £160) 

Soft pastel is extremely versatile and is arguably the easiest of the mediums to use. Since it is a ‘dry’ medium, pastel has many advantages: it is possible to work continuously on the same picture without first having to let it dry; it is very direct — there are no brushes, palettes or other paraphernalia to impede progress. Above all it is very forgiving - any mistakes can be easily rectified! When freed from such constraints, a greater level of expression may be achieved. We will look at methods of applying pastel in order to achieve a variety of effects. I will also demonstrate how a vibrant acrylic ink wash may be used as an underpainting, in order to achieve further levels of excitement in your work. Our subject matter will include a choice of still life ‘set pieces’ and landscape from photographs. As the title suggests this course is suitable for all levels of experience. N.B. There will be a large selection of photographs available from which to work, but if you prefer to bring your own, please feel free.

2. Sat. 23rd & Sun. 24th March ~ Skies in Oils or Acrylics (2 days - £160) 

“The Sky is the source of light in nature and governs everything”, John Constable. When painting a landscape most artists begin by laying in the sky. The reason for this is that the sky plays a major part in helping to establish the atmosphere of a picture. Skies can be dramatic and exciting, brooding, theatrical and awe inspiring: think of dark gathering storm clouds, or vivid sunsets; back-lit banks of cumulus cloud with their silvery outlines, or gentle wisps of cirrus cloud against a clear blue backdrop. It is the quality of the light in the sky that directly influences the landscape below. Achieving that link is vital to the success of your landscape painting! For this workshop you may choose to work either in oils (show drying) or acrylics (quick drying). 

I will begin by demonstrating each medium, as although they are similar in application and opacity, they feel quite different in their handling - in the end it comes down to personal preference and you will be free to make the choice.  N.B. There will be a large selection of photographs available from which to work, but if you prefer to bring your own ‘big sky’ photos, please feel free. 

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