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1.  Sat. 24th &  Sun. 25th March ~ Trees and foliage in the Landscape (any medium) (2 days - £160) ~  Trees and foliage generally present some of the greatest challenges for painters, whatever the medium: how to depict them without painting every leaf, how to make them appear full, rooted in the ground and 3-dimensional, rather than as bottle brushes and fringes…and as for all those greens! We will look at trees and foliage throughout the seasons and at how to use them to best effect. - FULL, WAITING LIST ONLY

2. Sat. 11th & Sun. 12th Aug. ~ Landscape in Oils ‘alla prima’ (2 days - £160) ~ The term alla prima means ‘at the first’, or in this context completing a painting ‘in one sitting’, wet-on-wet, as opposed to the building up of successive thin layers which are allowed to dry or become tacky between applications. Using this method enables us to complete a painting in one day or less, especially useful when working en plein air. We will look at the essential elements that go into the making of a successful painting: composition, tonal values and colour, as well as the mixing and application of oil paint and brush/knife strokes used. - FULL, WAITING LIST ONLY
3. Sat. 27th & Sun. 28th Oct. ~ On the Rocks! (any medium) (2 days - £160) ~ In my experience as a tutor, almost nothing else provokes more cries of anguish than the painting of rocks…..other than foliage,  perhaps …! and yet their solid forms can provide much strength to a picture. Think of a cliff with waves crashing against it; a rocky outcrop on a mountain with a few scrubby plants clinging to crevices; a mountain range advancing into the distance; a stone circle or monolith. I can guarantee your pictures will be filled with atmosphere and drama….and unless the rock happens to be carved into a statue of David, you won’t even need to worry too much about the drawing! - FULL, WAITING LIST ONLY
4. Sat. 8th & Sun. 9th Dec. ~ Let’s try Mixed Media….again! (2 days - £160) ~ To begin the course, we will look at various examples of mixed media work for inspiration. Working from photographs and with a variety of media, this course will really allow your creative juices to flow, as we create art with textile, paper, printed media, sand, grasses, glue, gesso, inks, acrylic, watercolour, pastels (soft and oil), crushed egg shells, beads, found objects... and anything else that inspires you! So come along, roll up your sleeves and let’s get stuck in! - FULL, WAITING LIST ONLY

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